Why you should have an engagement shoot?


One of my most asked questions is “ What is an engagement shoot?” followed by  ‘why should I have one?”
Here are all my thoughts on why I think its so important for all my couples…

Ive found couples who have engagements shoots are way more relaxed when it comes to their wedding day! I think couples realise it’s not as scary as it may have originally seemed. Which is amazing because on the wedding day it means you can forget about being photographed and live in the moment and enjoy every second as it passes by in a flash!

My second point is one of the most important points to me. Having an engagement shoot allows trust to build between you and me! Firstly you’ll already have a beautiful gallery of images I’ve provided to you after the session so you’ll be absolutely confident I will deliver exactly what you are looking for and secondly by having the engagement shoot you are getting to see how I work. We will be laughing/joking and getting to know each other throughout. This gives me an opportunity to capture beautiful natural portraits of the two of you while I make you laugh as well as the structured posed portraits. Because we would have spent a couple of hours together during this session I will have learnt your likes and dislikes when it comes to posing which is so important to know before the wedding! Also because we will have already formed a connection with each you will feel comfortable and familiar in my presence so you can relax and enjoy your special day!

This brings me onto another point… images! As mentioned above you would have received a gallery of images from me if we have an engagement session and these images are perfect for save the dates and formal wedding invitations. They can also be used on memory boards for the wedding day too. Wedding planning sometimes may seem like a lifetime in the making but it truly does pass in a blink of an eye. What better way to look back on future anniversaries and look at your journey from the very beginning. Engagement to wedding! 

Lastly another really important point maybe this one is actually my favourite…  They are so much fun! We will laugh, you can pop champagne, I will make it such a special moment for you both you’ll want to do it over and over again! and you will have beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Click here to view my engagement portfolio.



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