Do I need a second photographer?

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The choice is entirely yours! However it may be something you’d consider if you are having a larger wedding to ensure no moments are missed! i’ll show you some of the main things a second photographer can capture on your wedding day and why it may be a good choice for you. Once you’ve read my guide click here to view my wedding collections, one which offer a second photographer complimentary.


Preparations are a huge point of why some couples choice two photographers, while I am busy capturing all the brides/bridesmaid preparation if you have a second photographer it means the groom preparations will be captured too wherever they may be! This is a lovely memory to be able to look back on to see both of your mornings before the biggest day of your lives. Although the groom preparation may not be as long as the brides preparations there are still some key things not to be missed. The groom getting ready, laughing with his groomsmen and small details which include anything personalised or memorable to the groom such as cuff links, ring even down to the socks!. All these small details make a larger picture of your special day! After all this is a part of the day you wouldn’t be able to see.

Guests arriving

Before the ceremony I will still be with you capturing the final details of bridal preparations and photographing you in your beautiful dress! I want to be with you until the very last second to capture your family and friends reactions of seeing you fully ready for the first time too. I will leave a a very short while before you just to arrive at the second location or get in position if its at the same venue. This is to capture your bridal parties arrival followed by your entrance. Because I only leave a short while before you this would not give me the opportunity to capture the groom arriving or your guests arriving. This is where a second photographer is very beneficial as they can be there ready to capture all of these moments! While they are there they can get venue shots (if its a separate location) grooms arrival, groom patiently waiting with his groomsmen, guests arriving, ushers ushering people inside, venue details (including flowers) and also lots of hugging and laughing from your guests! It can be a really beautiful memory to look back on as again this isn’t something you’d of seen either! 

During the ceremony 

Depending on the location of the ceremony I try to stay in one position as much as possible. The reason for this is not to cause a distraction to anyone including yourselves. I will find the most suitable position and stay put as much as I can. As a second photographer will be positioned at the back of the room they have more flexible to move around and capture moments at different angles. At the front i’ll be capturing the close ups including the emotions while the second photographer will be capturing wide, full length shots. At the end of the ceremony when you both are walking back down the aisle to your exit song the second photographer will be in a prime position to capture this too!

Reception drinks

Now during this time it’s very likely this is when we will do the bride and groom portraits and the family group shots. However while this is happening you will have a lot of guests mingling, laughing and enjoying a cocktail or two and sometimes even playing garden games! The benefit of a second photographer at the reception drinks is they will be there to capture all of these candid moments while you are having photographs taken so you never truly miss a second!


Speeches are another important part of your day and it is great to have the extra coverage from a second photographer. Usually i’ll be focusing on the person giving the speech and capturing the top table’s reactions including the couple. Whilst I may capture some reactions from guests if there was a second photographer present they would mainly be focusing on their reactions which are always great to look back on!


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